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As the significant territorial resources and natural resources ,wetland is located in the transitional zone between terrestrial ecological system and aquatic ecosystem,

widely distributed all around the world and known as 'Global Three Large Ecological System' along with forest and ocean. The wetland is one of the areas with a lot of wild animals and plants resources and most abundant biodiversity, and called 'Cradle of Life' and 'Species Gene Bank'
On April 29th. 2013. As one of the national wetland park projects, Chanba national wetland park had its grand opening.
As the Important part of Chanba ecological area and even Sian wetland system, Chanba national wetland park Is located In the delta where Ba River enters into Weikou In northeast of Sian, It belongs to Inland river wetland and has the typical characteristics of estuarine wetland in northwest China Compared with other area of  Sian, the wetland has sufficient water and high water resources quantity, thus creating good conditions for growth and reproduction of biology, therefore, the wetland park becomes one of the  areas with the most abundant species in Sian.
Chanba national wetland park is planned to occupy 8715 mu, and the center area opened in 2013 occupies 4700 mu; there are four landmark buildings, including QiYuan Gate, science museum, birds watching tower and wetland water street; and the area is divided into four exhibition plates, including  'wild fun landscapes and ten experience projects are distributed in accordance with different functions of all plates, the park area has three service areas, including Huaxi tea house, Zishui shed and jiaqing park.for providing rest service food and beverage service and retail service. In the wetland park, you may go for a walk in spring, watch lotus leaf and pick lotus in summer, and take all kinds of fruits in autumn the lively scene full of life breath changes constantly as the turn of the seasons.
The greatest feature of Chanba national wetland park is 'water' The wetland park has water area occupying more than 2000mu, the water from Ba River is purified through the intake, sedimentation basin, constructed wetland, planting bed and water back port and then flows back to Ba River. There are many aquatic plants living in the planting bed, including reed, cattail, Scirpus tabernaemontani and so on, the core technology is sodium geosynthetic clay liner,which may effectively water leakage and further not affect plant growth due to shallow penetration of plant root system, this technology has been widely applied in the entire wetland park.
Chanba national wetland park has an irrigated land with large area inside for providing a good habitat for animal production, and it is the middle section of the national three large bird migration routes, therefore there are a variety of wild waterfowls inhabiting here. Currently there are 150 kinds of animals covering 50 families that have been investigated in the area, including giant salamander, fancy carp, peacock, swan goose, bar-headed goose and so on, Eurasian Spoonbill. whooper swan and other birds will inhabit here in succession as the turn of the seasons.
Chanba national wetland park is located at the uptake of Xi'an, therefore, water evaporation of the wetland will humidify the climate of the whole city to realize the construction concept of returning ' a clean stream' to Wei River and blow a 'cool breeze' to Sian. As the specific practice of strengthening wetland protection and park construction by the State Forestry Bureau, Sian Chanba national wetland park will be constructed as the engine for development of north area of Chanba ecological zone. the ecological landmark of Sian city, the green tourism brand of Shaanxi, and the bench mark of domestic national wetland park. and the national 5A tourist attractions will be created for leading Sian  'city green lung'  to beat constantly and injecting new contents for the image of Sian city.


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